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Are you a highly motivated IT-developer, architect or consultant? Do you want to work in Germany? We are constantly searching for committed IT experts for various customers who like to think outside the box. We make sure that you benefit from our experience in IT recruitment - and completely free of charge for you. Register today for your great opportunity tomorrow. 

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We founded our company in 2008 in Frankfurt Germany. Today we have offices in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. Since 2018 we have our own Recruiters in Romania. 

Our goal is it to bring great people and good jobstogether.  

Great People:

  • IT Professionals with little until Senior experience
  • Different language skills
  • Different IT skills

Good Jobs:

  • IT developers
  • IT Consultants
  • IT Architects

Robert Reiter

Robert is an expert for International Recruiting and the managing director of  External Development GmbH. He has more than 15 years of global recruiting experience in China, USA and Germany.  He is a well know speaker for Active Sourcing in Europe. 

"Our goal is it to find the right challenges for awesome people. Our job is it to make that ride as smooth and great as possible!"

Candidates about their journey with us:

"Moving to Germany might be the decision of my life. And in this kind of decisions you need to be sure and you need a lot of support. And recruiter Robert Reiter made me feel like I already have a friend here, made me feel confident and helped me in a way that nothing could go wrong. So I am very happy that he made this dream come true for me and I totally recommend External Development. "

M.A.  //  SAP Developer

„No need to say what are the advantages of moving and working in Germany. Also, personal regrets of leaving home country has everyone, more or less.
But, important, here, is that the collaboration with your recruiting agency helped me to get very convenient a job in a very good environment. There was always a good communication and your advices were welcomed.
I am happy that I have decided to work with you.“

S.Z.  //  SAP Developer

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